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Smuggler Bandanas

Cosmic Crop Circle

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Strange things happen out in the Texas desert.

Much like the infamous Saguaro cacti, these inter-dimensional fractal cactus aren't native to Texas either. However, you can find them out in the desert under the right conditions πŸ„ 🌡 πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«



100% heavyweight cotton with our signature 'Smuggler' stash pocket sewing on the backside.


550mm by 550mm


Features original Texas-themed artwork, designed in the Texas Hill Country.

Care Instructions

For best results, hand-wash in cool water and air dry as needed. Use an iron to remove wrinkles if necessary.

THC Smuggler Bandanas

The Texas Hill Country Smuggler is a 100% cotton bandana with sublimation dyed artwork that blends into the fabric. Discretely transport small, lightweight items in our signature Smuggler stash pocket 😏